Adventuring Around San Diego

This past weekend, I decided to drive down to San Diego to visit a high school friend of mine. My friend, Sabrina and I caught up so much on Saturday night and the following Sunday as well.

On Saturday, we went out to get some milk tea and some carne asada fries. We went back to her place to Netflix and went out to adventure around her university campus.

Sunday morning, we woke up and drove to downtown San Diego to get some coffee and some lunch. We went to Coffee & Tea Collective and I thought the place was really aesthetically pleasing.

Before we ate lunch, we had to find parking. Let me tell you, parking was expensive until we found a parking structure underground that was really cheap. We went out to lunch at Lemonade and it was both Sabrina and I’s first time there. We ordered sandwiches and of course, some lemonade as well. The sandwiches were so good and we realized halfway that we ate each other’s sandwiches. LOL.

After lunch, we decided to head to the famous Balboa Park. This was my second time there and it was pretty nice during the daytime. We went to the art museum and then, to the botanical gardens.

We then drove to La Jolla Cove and I struggled with parallel parking. It was so stressful for me, but it turned out to be okay! La Jolla Cove was really nice during sunset hours.

That concludes our adventure to San Diego!! That’s it for now. See y’all soon! 🙂

What I’m wearing…

  • Outerwear: Unknown, it was from my dad’s closet…
  • Shirt: Adidas
  • Pants: Levi’s
  • Shoes: Adidas
  • Sunglasses: zeroUV


Hey, guys! I’m so excited to have this blog up and running! I’ve always wanted to create one before 2016 ended and now, here we are. 2017 is coming in fast. With this site, I hope to post fashion ideas, adventures, and some photography as well! Hope you guys enjoy!